Tyr’s (or Tīw’s) Day Tyranny

Tyr (or Tīw, in Old English), the Germanic god of heroism, law & order. Some might even call it tyranny that his status as the chief god of the original, proto-Germanic, pantheon has been usurped by Odin/Wotan!

Originally known by the proto-Germanic cognate that still symbolizes him in the Futhark (Runic alphabet), Tīwaz. Tyr has a long and glorius history in the Germanic/Norse religion of our ancient forebearers. He was the god least afraid to offer up himself to the giant wolf, Fenrir, so that he could be reshackled by the unbreakable dwarven chain called Gleipnir, “the open one”.

It is almost tyranny that the pantheon shifted from one god of war, to another; yet fitting as Odin proved to be the wisest and most capable to rule. It is yet tyranny, that evil is allowed to roam rampant today; as it once was in the personage of the giant, evil wolf. On this Tyrs Day, if you will (or Tiws Day), be not afraid to face down all the forces of evil that causeth tyranny in our peoples lands. Do not even hesitate to offer up part of yourself as a sacrifice, in order that evil be restrained and not allowed to roam free.

Look to Tyr as an example of how to act in todays world; an era where evil lurks seemedly around every corner. Live your life in honor of the ancestors, the gods, and the old ways; and i assure you that you’ll have the strength to face down the evils of our age, when the time comes. Just as the god Tyr has done for us in generations past.

Skal my Germanic/Norse brethern. Drink a toast to Tyr, to law and order, and to glory. And know that we are children of the gods!220px-Týr_by_Frølich


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