Freys Day Wealth:

Wealth, the stuff of dreams and legends. Freyr_by_Johannes_Gehrts

Wealth has long been sought after by the Western cultures of the world, even unto the point of warfare and marauding raider parties of the Vikings. Men have killed and died for it, lied, cheated, and stolen. But a more ancient, practical wealth has always existed alongside mankind throughout the ages…that of the agrarian, farming societies of the European Caucus steppes to the middle Eastern Fertile Crescent.

In Asatru, the god Frey, or Freyr, was the chief god of farming, fertility, and wealth. He was depicted muscled and toned (as all men of the ancient world would’ve traditionally been, obviously, from working to plow their fields and fighting wars amongst their regional tribes), astride a giant boar, Gullenbursti (meaning golden brushed, in Old Norse/Proto-Germanic).

The god represented, and stood for Kingship, the Proto-Norse cognate Frawjaz meaning ‘Lord’, or ‘King’. Freyr, is known to have been one of the progenators of the Swedish Royal lineage, and went by the name Yngvi-Freyr, which appears to be cognate of the Proto-Germanic, Ingwaz…the central European name for the god Frey.

As ancient kings would, Frey would’ve been synonymous with wealth and success. Therefore, if you seek to increase in these attributes…you would do well to turn to the god Frey, Freyr, or Ingwaz; Call him what you will, the god of Kingship, wealth, sunshine and fair weather, the harvest, and fertility will surely answer.



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